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Professional Physical Educator, Rhada began her involvement with Oriental Dances in 1996. She began her studies with Belly Dance, but ended up specializing in Gypsy Dances in 1998. In 2002 she started performing and teaching classes professionally. From 2005 on she dedicated herself to her Jewelry Designer career, but still performing and studying the Dance. At this point she started developing the style she calls Gypsy Fusion, based on elements of both Gypsy Dance and Contemporary Ethnic Dance.
Rhada was deeply immersed in the studies and research on the subject. The Gypsy dances are a mixture in their core, which contributed to Rhada’s quick and definite entrance in the Contemporary Ethnic Dance scene. She added Dark/Rock elements to her dance, which are traits in her personality and a big part of her artistic expression.
In 2009, she first showcased the new developed style Rock & Roll Fusion at Tribes Brasil, becoming the pioneer of the style in Rio de Janeiro.
Nowadays her dance career style (teaching, choreographing and performing) can be described as Dark Arts, one of the various styles amongst what is called Contemporary Ethnic Dance. This style is characterized by emphasizing expressionist aesthetics, theatricality and a fair amount of drama. It is inspired by a variety of underground scenes (dark, gothic, noir, industrial, burlesque, medieval, victorian) and urban scenes (Rock & Roll and Hip Hop). This style embraces all of the alternative and contemporary universes, including even the Brazilian Folclore.
Rhada Naschpitz teaches classes and workshops at the School of Oriental Arts Asmahan in Rio de Janeiro, besides being a professional dancer for the school. She is the Co-Producer and Artistic Director of the Gothla Brazil, which is a Dark Arts and Contemporary Ethnic Dance festival that happens yearly all over the world.

Rhada also develops, alongside musician and producer Ives Pierini, the Project Duabus Artibus-Music and Dance Duet, where they combine their arts on stage with original songs composed for this partnership.

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